ingbo Zhenhai Jiyong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo City ZhenhaiJiyong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Ningbo City ZhenhaiJiyong Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is located in Ningbo Zhenhai and it is nears to Zhejiang Zhenhai Oil Refining Chemical Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Zhenhai Harbor with superior geographic location and environment. It mainly manages Dichloromethane, Trichloroethylene, PCE, Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexanol and other chemical raw materials. The Dichloromethane, PCE and other products are welcome in the market and they enjoy great reputation among the customers. The company has built long-period cooperation with many dealers and agencies as Giant Group Company and so on. The distribution net is stable and the transportation is convenient. It manages completely products sorts and the price is reasonable. The company has strong ability and it is credit which can guarantee the quality of products. The company has gained great reputation with various products management and low profit principle. The philosophy of the company: quality first and service first. The company would like to cooperate with you and welcome all the customers both old and new to our company!